What Is HHO Gas?

HHO gas is a newer form of gas that is created by using ‘pules electrolysis’ equipment. Being made up of magnecules that contain hydrogen gas, HHO is connected to lone atoms that are oxygen atoms, by “magnecular bonds”.
The HHO theory first begun in the year of 1875 with a man by the name of Jules Verne. Mr. Vernes believed that water would one day be used as a fuel, with hydrogen and oxygen to support it. Mr. Vernes also believed that whether hydrogen and oxygen were used together or in a single episode, they would still furnish a inexhaustible source of light and heat with so much intensity that coal couldn’t surpass it.

How HHO Gas Works

A man by the name of Yull Brown, was the main inventor of HHO gas through being able to separate the oxygen and hydrogen molecule in water by using electricity.

HHO Gas Electrolysis

People that add HHO to their engines, will find that they will be getting more combustion efficiency, but with many newer model vehicles, making adjustments to the computer system is necessary, in order to accept the savings.
When HHO gas is added to fuel and air mixtures in the engine, petroleum fuel burns quicker, and released energy from fuel that would otherwise be a waste. People are able to get more mileage when using HHO gas in vehicles, and most people get at least a 35% increase in mileage of average vehicles, and more with larger vehicles.

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Advantages Of Using HHO Gas

Car experts showed that by speeding up the burning process in the cylinder of vehicles, it often increases flame speed of petroleum, and this is how HHO helps that is added to vehicles, can improve fuel mileage. When using HHO, it goes through three different conversions in order to work properly.
To begin the conversions, there is the alternator first that can make electrical energy, along with the cell making HHO from electrical energy, and last, the HHO can burn in the engine to make mechanical energy.

HHO used in vehicles will have a bigger impact on the power that gasoline can produce. After being tested, it has been found that HHO can reduce hydrocarbons up to 90%, and it can reduce exhaust gas temperature in cars, trucks, and diesels up to 60%. There are many other advantages to using HHO gas, as it is a great alternative for engines of many types.

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