Toyota Announces Open Book on 6,000 of its HHO Patents

So the question that comes with such a public and open offer to share its patent technology is, “What is Toyota up to?“ What is contained in the offering is their portfolio of fuel cell stacks, hydrogen tanks, and software control systems along with the industrial processes that generate and supply the gas.


The formal statement made by Bob Carter, SVP of Toyota’s automotive operations is, “When good ideas are shared, great things can happen.” This is true, but where is the return on Toyota’s investment in the technology by deciding to give it up for free? Citing that advancing automotive technology to the next level will require cooperation at governmental and industrial levels, Toyota seems to be deciding that their patents are worth more if they are being incorporated into future technology rather than trying to develop what is currently a niche market on its own.

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This is great news for HHO enthusiasts who can now get a close look at the technology that once was considered a pie-in-the-sky idea either because the concept would never be widely accepted, or that the oil companies have a stranglehold on the future of the automobile. No more. It is worth nothing that Toyota has included how to set up and deliver the gas necessary to run the hydrogen fuel cell cars. While it is a major investment for countries to develop a nationwide network of fuel stations, once established the general acceptance of fuel cell cars will not be far behind.

Toyota’s approach is futuristic, environmentally sound, and a way to get the youth involved in entrepreneurship all around the world. The truth is, Toyota has encountered some negative publicity with its safety record on some of its more recent models. What better way is there to repair that image among the primo consumer market of the 16 to 34 age demographic than opening the door for innovation.

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