The Non-MPG HHO Advantages

Over the past month, a number of reviews have been done on a company that has claimed to have developed a machine that creates compressed HHO fuel. Every HHO device and kit advertised on the Internet has come under scrutiny, but this particular machine has a number of people concerned because of the dangers of compressed HHO. The general consensus is that compressed HHO has a very high likelihood of exploding.

HHO Advantages

Not All About MPG

Responsible HHO kit builders will temper their claims of achieving extraordinary gas mileage. Even critics of the compressed HHO agree that there is a cost savings and added fuel performance when HHO devices are installed, albeit far less than many claims made by HHO proponents. The presence of an HHO system does complete the combustion of any unburnt fuel. But what is not in dispute is the number of advantages an HHO fuel system has for the general environment and those concerned with global warming.

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Environmentally Responsible

Using hydrogen as an added fuel source is done without producing any carbon dioxide emissions. Overall, it helps reduce the pollution from a car. Using an HHO kit is a way for people to take advantage of the benefits of hydrogen fuel and who do not have between $40,000 and $120,000 to spend on one of the newest Touota or Lexus hydrogen powered cars.

The Advantages of Hybrid

When connecting an HHO kit to a car, it is basically being converted into a mini-version of a hybrid car. Instead of electricity and gasoline, it is hydrogen and gasoline. The goals are basically the same – better gas mileage and reducing CO2 emissions.

The Personal Side

What is missed in all of this discussion about HHO versus electric versus complete hydrogen power is that for most people a car is not just a four wheeled vehicle. It is a part of our lives that is an extension of our personality and lifestyle. Those who are environmentally conscious will more likely than not move towards environmentally friendly, but maybe not at the cost of getting rid of their old car. HHO kits allow this group to find a way to meet in the middle.

We tend to make our arguments for HHO based on technical merits, but more often than not the argument has nothing to do with higher MPG this or lower CO2 emissions that. It is simply because we want our car to be better.

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