The First in the Wold HHO Train

In the United States, there are advocates for using hydrogen fuel cells to power automobiles.
Thus far the focus has been on electric powered cars, with the CEO of premier automaker Tesla Motors stating that hydrogen fuel cells are inefficient and simply not as practical as electric cars.
However, that thinking may change in very short order.


China to develop the first HHO Hydrogen Tram

China announced the development of a public HHO vehicle – the world’s first hydrogen-powered streetcar.
The first one has rolled off the production line, and for HHO2 advocates, it presents some amazing features.
What may be most interest to HHO promoters is that the streetcar can achieve speeds of up to 43 miles per hour. While that may not sound particularly exciting to some people, keep in mind that this is a weighty public transportation vehicle, not an individual automobile.

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Practical Use and Performance

While critics maintain that hydrogen requires an external fuel source for the hydrogen to be converted into a useful fuel, China is willing to absorb the criticism. The biggest reason is the 390 passenger vehicle only has water as a by-product for its power usage. This significantly reduces the amount of pollution generated in transporting the passengers over its maximum range of 62 miles. Upon reaching its maximum range, the vehicle can be refueled is about three minutes. Considering the nationwide problem of pollution in China’s largest cities, the production of the first vehicle has to be considered a major success and a long term investment in public safety.

HHO technology has been mocked by some as a pie-in-the-sky, impractical idea that keeps wannabe car enthusiasts occupied in their home garages. Between the Toyota release of its fuel cell technology information and now this production model of a public transportation vehicle, the critics will be having to find places to hide. HHO technology has become a global reality that provides health and environmental benefits to all.

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