Testing Metals for Maximum HHO Results

HHO Development Oversight?

Due to the efforts of Toyota, HHO fuel cells are beginning to get serious consideration from automobile manufacturers. HHO enthusiasts may even find job possibilities to use their acquired knowledge to move the techno-train even faster. But with all the focus on the application of the technology, what can be easily overlooked is the basic structure of the fuel cell itself.


One Comparison

The metallurgical properties of the components of the actual HHO cells is a critical factor in getting the most out of an HHO fuel cell.

In a test where a hydrogen HHO nickel cells were placed against a stainless steel cell, the results showed a significant difference in performance and efficiency. The difference was as high as 20 percent in one test. This difference in the conductivity properties of the metal is relevant as both the efficiency of the fuel cell and the cost of the fuel cell come into play.

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Practical Application

As with any discovery made in a laboratory, the results must be made practical in both availability of material and cost in the manufacturing process. When examining the metallurgical differences between nickel and stainless steel, it is clear nickel has a greater electrical conductivity than stainless steel, which explains the obvious results. But when it comes to cost, stainless steel is roughly three times less expensive than nickel to produce. Despite the 20 percent increase in efficiency, it is hard to justify using nickel in fuel cells as it would defeat the purpose of making it available to the general public.

The question that remains is whether people are willing to make an out-of-pocket tradeoff and pay a bit more for a more efficient and environmentally friendly source fuel for their cars. This experiment was only a single test, and even though the results are promising more testing needs to be done. What this test has done is to open the door for examining a variety of materials that can be used in fuel cells that will increase power output and efficiency while keeping costs reasonable for consumers.

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