Some Basic HHO Knowledge

For HHO enthusiasts, there are certain terms that are taken for granted, such as oxyhydrogen. For those newly introduced to this exciting area of technology, it is important to understand why there is a growing interest both in the technological area and how HHO adds to environmental science. To understand the basics that often get the average person confused when it comes to understanding HHO technology and its advantages we will explain one of the most important concepts.

H2 Generator versus HHO Generator

It is important to point out that HHO as a molecular structure is technically not chemically correct, even though the advocates of hydrogen cell technology use it virtually everywhere. It does give the effort towards creating hydrogen fuel cells a distinct identity, but for those who become interested in it for the first time it can be confusing. Generally, the fuel cell advocates research and experiment using converted water (H2O) to produce hydrogen that is then used to create fuel in place of gasoline to power automobiles.

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A H2, or hydrogen generator, is one that simply produces hydrogen and has no advantage in fuel cell technology. It consists of an electrolyzer which is basically two metal electrodes placed in the bottom of two separate tanks. The tanks must be non-metal and are connected by a hose. Each tank must also have a valve at the top to act as a pressure release mechanism. Running an electric current through them will create two gases – hydrogen will be produced in the tank with the negatively charged electrode, oxygen with the positive electrode.

An HHO system has the same basic workup except only one tank is used to capture the created hydrogen.

There are those who believe oxyhydrogen, which essentially supercharged hydrogen, can be created using this same method. No definite conclusion has been reached either to whether this is possible or if oxyhydrogen can actually be created at all. That is another area of HHO technology that you can explore.

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