Reports on Hydrogen Generators – Does It Work?

Everybody is looking for answers to the price pinch at the pumps. A local auto body shop claims to have the answer using hydrogen. KGUN 9 On Your Side’s Dan Spindle finds out, Does It Work?

This may look like your ordinary four-cylinder engine but what you can’t see may surprise you.

Don DeLong and David Hardrow didn’t invent Hydrogen Fuel Technology. In fact, the concept isn’t new at all. As early as 1807, more than a hundred years before Henry Ford’s Model T, engineers and inventors were trying to power a vehicle using hydrogen.

So why aren’t the roadways flooded with hydrogen-fueled cars?
It startles us that it boils down to dollars and cents, as far as I’m concerned…

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And it’s not just about the cost of the unit itself: about $1200 installed.
Nobody has figured out yet how to charge us taxes on something that’s absolutely free or how to charge us for producing what we’re doing right here, right now.

Here’s how it works:
The hydrogen generator uses water and electrolyte and an electric
current to produce a gas that’s injected to make your engine run cleaner and more efficient. To prove they actually are producing hydrogen, watch the bubbles pop in the bucket of water.
This is the power, they say, that can fire up your Automobile to get between 15 and 50% better gas mileage.

This is not a fly-by-night thing. This is not a gimmick. I mean, you know what, it’s not magical and it took a lot of experimentation.

Charles Proctor is one of the handful of customers who has have the generator installed. Over a four-month time-frame, he’s gotten a 13% increase in fuel economy on his 14-year-old pick-up! But that’s not the main reason for the switch.

My real motive for this is patriotic. I really think that this is something that’s good for America – I think we need it – I have had people sent telling me ‘you can’t be doing what you say you’re doing.’

And what they are doing is creating a buzz for an alternative fuel source…and for that we’d give it an A. They say hydrogen is the fuel of the future but time will tell if this will catch on as an international phenomenon.

If you’ve got a product you want us to test out before you buy it, let us try it.

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