Pricing HHO Conversion Kits

If you’re interested in HHO technology, and are a bit of a do-it-yourselfer, then you may be considering buying a conversion kit to see just how much of an improvement you can get on your vehicle’s gas mileage. If that describes you, then here are some things to consider.


When Not To Convert

Definitely don’t convert a vehicle you’re still paying on, especially if you’ve bought new. I say this because a conversion like this will void your warranty, and any savings you will realize in improved mileage will almost certainly be offset by the fact that you won’t be able to take advantage of the savings you’d realize with an intact warranty.

You also don’t want to convert a vehicle you’re not planning to keep longer term. Not only do you want to avoid the expense, but also bear in mind that not everyone is interested in HHO technology, and if you add a conversion kit to it, you’ll probably hurt your resale chances by reducing the number of buyers interested in your vehicles.

Pricing The Kits

Other than the cases outlined above though, you’re good to convert. While it’s true that you don’t absolutely need a kit (i.e., you can do all the work yourself), the conversion kit will certainly make conversion much easier.

The price of kits vary widely on the internet. Some sites offer kits starting at as little as $139, but the larger and more reputable companies typically charge a bit more than this. I’m not saying that it’s impossible to find a good kit at this price, but you definitely want to do some research on any company you plan to buy from. The worst possible scenario is to get excited about buying a kit, placing your order, then never actually get the kit.

Ultimately the price of a kit will be determined by the type of vehicle you’ve got. As a general rule of thumb, here are some prices to keep in mind:
• Small cars and trucks: ~$600
• Medium-sized cars and trucks: ~$700
• Large cars and trucks: ~$850
• RV’s and other very large vehicles: ~$1000
Again, these prices could vary widely, and you can always find a sale or a special deal, but these numbers give you a realistic expectation where kits are concerned.

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