More than MPG from HHO

The idea that hydrogen can be used safely and efficiently in cars has been experimented with because water has twice as much hydrogen as oxygen. In other words, water can be used as a fuel because it is more plentiful and easier to store than refined oil – gasoline. There are political and financial reasons that companies do want hydrogen based cars to succeed, but the most important question is whether such technology is possible and practical.


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Potential Problems With Hydrogen

Hydrogen has the problem of not being able to be stored safely in a vehicle. Think of a compressed air tank being punctured and exploding. In place of air, the canister is filled with an explosive gas. Two cars crashing would no longer be a minor fender bender. That leaves the most direct approach to using hydrogen in cars either too expensive or extremely unsafe.

If a technology existed that would create hydrogen on demand, much like a water heater creates hot water on demand, the safety factor would increase dramatically. HHO gas created for Hydrogen Cars would meet both problems of storing hydrogen inside the car directly. Systems to build a separate fuel cell that safely converts water to highly explosive hydrogen already exist.

Hidden Benefits

Many of these HHO kits have been built and successfully used in cars and trucks, delivering more than a 20 percent increase in gas mileage. But the advantages of HHO technology go far beyond just better fuel economy. The technology is very environmentally friendly because the HHO process produces virtually zero pollutants. This translates into driving your car further with less gasoline, reducing your overall emissions. Car engines sometimes break down because of all the carbon deposits that result from the combustion of gasoline. HHO technology turns the combusted hydrogen back into water, giving it the effect of steam cleaning your engine as you drive.

For those who have firsthand knowledge of the benefits of HHO technology and are mechanically skilled, building the HHO units for others is quickly becoming an industry of its own. Starting your own business while benefitting others is one of the best roads one can take in life.

There is a set of lessons that will help you get started. “Hybrid Water Power” shows you how to go from beginner to advanced builder and lays the foundation for you to maximize your knowledge and skills to help others save money and improve the environment. The series makes no unrealistic claims about gas mileage but instead gets the viewer to understand the process and the technology.

Want To Build Your Own HHO Car Kit?Click Here! ►

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