Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Cars

Imagine never having to worry about the price of gas. Wow! That would be wonderful.
Well… a local business is on the brink of making that possible. Let’s have a look the cutting edge way you may soon be able to save money.

Millennium Reign Energy is in Englewood. It’s not the average business: it’s 2 men and a garage who have been researching for the past 7 years how to use hydrogen as an alternative fuel source for Hydrogen-Powered Fuel Cell Cars. Today, they showed their ideas to G.M. COE.

Hydrogen fuel cell car

You probably won’t notice if the driver starts this car.
You wouldn’t hear the sound of the engine because this is a hydrogen-powered fuel cell automobile.
You know, if I sell this vehicle to you today and you are riding in here, you’ll see how comfortable, quiet, and that the performance is out here.
This is a production vehicle. However, you’ll be getting mad at me because where do you fill it up? Or where do you get the hydrogen?

That’s where Chris McWhinney comes in. He and his team, which makes up Millenium Reign Energy, have been constructing an automatic hydrogen-generating station that they hope will one day become a standard in every home.

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Here’s How Hydrogen-Powered Fuel Cell Cars Works:

All we do is we push down on this button right here, and we’re now fueling the engine and gas is transferring out of this hydrogen tank into the hydrogen tank. When the pressure equalizes, your pin is filled.

These solar panels and wind turbines capture energy. The energy is used to create electricity and once combined with water; it produces hydrogen which powers hydrogen powered cars.

Our fuel-cell machine gets much better efficiency than—than uh…than an internal combustion engine. So the cost of that comes down to a gasoline equivalent of about between a dollar 16 and a dollar 20 cents a gallon. So it’s cost effective today to generate your hydrogen.

And that can replace propane, natural gas, diesel fuel, and gasoline. Having an at-home generating station isn’t cheap. It will cost you about $20,000. But over time, it’s more economical and environmentally friendly.

Air is so clean, there’s no carbon, but the flame’s there. Look. Ok? It’s a carbon-free fuel. Carbon-free fuel. This is good at the end. This could change our world.

And as you might imagine, it will be a while before you are able to have this at your home. A hydrogen-fueled cell car won’t be available until 2016, at the earliest.

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