Hydrogen Powered Car – Using Water for Your Car

It was bound to happen just a matter of time, gas prices now topping 4 dollars a gallon for the first time here in Bear County. And with those prices expected to go even higher, one San Antonio man says he’s found a way to double your gas mileage. The technology uses water as an added ingredient. Steve Roldan with how it’s being done and the payback it could give you at the gas pump.

he going rate of premium gas at the Shell Gas Station at I-10 in Ralph Fare road in Northwest Bear County.
Gone are the days of cheap gas.

I remember when it was crazy. It was then at 2 and then 3…and then it’d go to like 280 and we were like ‘nice gas is so low right now’
It could be a green solution to gas prices…

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A hydrogen system has this SUV getting twice as many miles per gallon.
It basically just turns water and potassium hydroxide through a converter into hydrogen and water.

The hydrogen water filter through a system of hoses and a computer. It’s used as an additive to gasoline which can best case scenario triple your car’s miles per gallon.

This does not run the vehicle by itself. It only assists the vehicle to help reduce your fuel consumption.
Has been testing the technology for over 5 months at his auto center on the city’s northwest side.

The entire system runs about $1500 which Garland says a small investment with a big payoff.
The neat thing about it is, is it pays you back at $4 a gallon in less than 9,000 miles of use.

Steve Roldan: Now this is what the hydrogen system looks like before it’s installed. It’s available for most vehicles but not before 45 days and I’m told some time this summer, mechanics here are hoping to have this installed in vehicles all throughout Bear County.

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