Hydrogen Powered Cars (Educational Toy)

Have you ever played with toys? I know, stupid question.
Sometimes in our childhood, we played with some amazing toys
and thought “if I got a real big one!”
Anyone ever thought about a toy runs by water? Probably never.
Hydrogen Powered Cars is beyond our all imaginations.

And… they are powered by water!


Components of Hydrogen Powered Cars:

• Fuel cell
• Car cassis
• Electric motor
• Battery pack
• Solar panel
• Connectors

This small form car will become a big one someday.

What makes a hydrogen powered car achievable is a technology called: hydrogen fuel cell, which converts gas to electricity, sharing off exclusive passion and installation as by products. Because it’s non-polluting, gas seems similar the apotheosis gas for the 21st century.

A lot of groups at the motorcar manufactures can see its potential. Concept cars always get the possibility to be fuel-efficient and answer the demand for an eco-friendly vehicle. But there are many problems to overcome before hydrogen becomes the supply of choice for enough people to create a real demand for these vehicles.

The car’s concept figure offers a futuristic sense for what our transportation could become in the close decades. The oxygen and hydrogen gases is basilar in two straight containers in the hinder of the vehicle. The kit’s carbon fuel cell object combines H2O electrolysis and hydrocarbon functions into one design. The car steers independently once it hits a obstacle.

Just add water and watch it go!

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