Hydrogen Generator Test Results on NBC News

With record crude oil prices, the squeeze of the pump promises to only get tight.
For most people, their trips to the gas station now exceed their electric bill, which is not fine…
I know it! But what if there was a device out there that could save 40, 50, even 60% of your full fuel cost?
Just watch how it is possible using a Fuel Cell Technology, tested on NBC News!

News Channel 5’s Jamie Holmes pops the hood and takes this new technology of Hydrogen Generator for a spin to see if it really works.
There is no more pinch at the pump. Instead it has become a full pledged punch! But what if there was a device out there which could save you up to 60% on your gas bill?

This is the Hydro 4000, it’s a hydrogen generator which installs to any vehicle and runs on water. It costs about $1200 but the creators say given the amount of money you already spent on gas, it wouldn’t take long before you made that money back.

We estimate the average person should be able to see this savings within one year. With fuel prices going the way they are today, our market sit at 112 over $112 a barrel, prices are gonna continually go up. We have to find little solutions to our big problem here in the United States.

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Does The Hydrogen Generator Work?

We put the Hydro 4000 to the test by installing it on one of our news vehicles that was checked out and given a complete tune up by our company’s mechanic.

Welding it together

Before we show you the results though, let’s explain how the Hydrogen Generator is supposed to work. In any engine, when you push down on the accelerator, a mixture of air and gasoline is sent into your cylinder.
When gas and air hit your spark-plugs, it triggers a mini explosion, pushing your car forward. But in any engine, roughly 15% of the gas isn’t burned. Instead it’s pushed out through your exhaust pipe.

The Hydro 4000 creators say their device sends hydrogen into the engine, creating a cleaner burning environment. They claim their product allows you to burn all of the gas that you’re putting into your tank instead of wasting it through your exhaust pipe.

Well, what we’ve done is we brought oxygen similar to what race car drivers do to put in there and optimize the burn of their fuel with the hydrogen which is a higher burning gas to also make sure that you’re burning every bit of your fuel that you’re paying for at the pump just by using the hydrogen generator.

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So, back to our test, first we needed to know how many miles to the gallon we were getting in our vehicle. So we put it on something called a dynamometer — think of it as a giant treadmill where we ran the truck for 20 minutes at 55 miles an hour on a full tank of gas. Once done, we’ve found that even with an oil change, clean air filter, and proper tire pressure, we were averaging roughly 9.4 miles to the gallon.

We then ran our track on the street for close to a month with the hydrogen generator running. The owner said this would give the device time to clean out our engine. We then put our vehicle back on the dynamometer and did the same test all over again. And guess what? With the device on, we were now averaging 23.2 miles to the gallon. That’s 61% better than the gas mileage we were previously getting.

This shows me that our system works and people that are always concerned about spending money on fuel and the longevity of their car, they ought to use our product.”

Test Drive of the Hydrogen Generator

Now we also road-tested this device. There we averaged about 16.1 miles to the gallon. That is 58% better they were getting before without the device. Now there is also a new hydrogen generator, called a Hydro 5000, that is built basically for long-distance truckers or the guys in their 18-wheelers.
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