HHO for Trucks

If somebody says to you they could:

  • Save you more than 20% on fuel!
  • Triple the life of your engine oil!
  • and cut your emissions by 80%

Would you believe them?

Well… a local trucking company did just that, and now they are spreading the word that it works.
What they are calling a breakthrough in hydrogen generator technology is now on our Tech Trends report.

With 250 semi-trailer trucks on the road across the east coast to up far west in Denver, locker-based Equity Transportation considered a wager. Plans like Steelcase, Hayworth, The Meyer, so it’s probably no surprise that somebody’s always trying to sell them something claiming it would save some fuel.

We do like to call them “snake-oil” sellers and all we’re doing is adding enough hydrogen to burn that dollar’s worth of diesel that you just bought. Instead of 87 cents or 86 cents, you’re burning 99 and a half, 99.9 cents.

They started with 10 test fuels, bolted on to existing trucks in their fleet, some with high mileage.

When we put the thing on, the thing just took off and started running, and we couldn’t believe it.

Results of the HHO for Trucks

The results were confirmed independently with Dyno Test at the local WW Learning Service Center:

  • Emissions Test at Iowa State.
  • Fewer mileage went from the lone sixes to the high eights.
  • Emissions cut by 80%
  • And the life expectancy of their motor oil tripled!
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How does the HHO for trucks works?

What if we have a 1.8 liter of bottled water here… the water goes through the reactor and separates the hydrogen and oxygen in gas form, the hydrogen generator then, pipes it in down the gas hose into the intake manifold.

Think of it as a nitrous system on a race car. Adding a whisk of hydrogen that helps burn every bit of fuel the combustion sets.

And it’s important to the guys riding in the cab because, right now, trucking has only got a margin of about 5 or 6%. When you can burn the entire contents of that fuel tank right there, instead of pouring it up the smoke sack, you can save up to 30% – but keep in mind, these units aren’t cheap.

The typical commercial HHO for trucks are around $10,000.
For the price of 1 or 2 dollars a gallon, there’s no justification for it
But when the price is $3, 3.50 a gallon it can be only a one-year payback.

Equity recently showed off their new HHO for Trucks technology to Michigan Truck Inspection. Showing their tests and even displaying how clean the heads look after 40,000 miles of hydrogen injection on a 140,000-mile engine. Even so, with so much snake oil out there, people are skeptical.

I saw some increase with fuel economy. A by-product that can be horsepower, that’s not their goal, Their goal is good fuel economy and — It works! The thing works!

These units are produced in Canada and sold through a distributor in Nova. According to Equity Transportation, they weren’t the only trucking company in the entire country using hydrogen injection.

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