Honda FCX Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car

Do you believe in science fictions? If not, you are going to be; because you are now getting introduced with such a vehicle, which uses Hydrogen as it’s onboard fuel for power. It is Honda FCX (commonly referred to as Fuel Cell Experimental) using compressed hydrogen with emissions of nothing more than clean pure water from it’s tail pipe, hydrogen fuel cells eliminate carbon fuels altogether. It seems like a movie about the future.

Honda FCX Fuel Cell Car

Now a question may come to your mind, ”how it works?” The power plants of this vehicle convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy by reacting hydrogen with oxygen in a fuel cell to run the electric motors. You can’t get hydrogen fuel in nature and thus is not an energy source, but is an energy carrier.

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This vehicle uses hydrogen fuel in its fuel cell where the hydrogen reacts with the PEM electrode and form DC electrical current which is used to play an electric motor and the motor runs the wheels. The key hydrogen ingredients usually are concealed: a great 86-kilowatt energy mobile or portable under the entry traveler location, two tanks (holding a complete involving 8.3 fat, pressurized for you to 5,000 fat each sq inch) under the backed couch plus the ultra-capacitor (which merchants electricity and normally takes the best place of an electric battery pack) behind a new cover within the freight location. Currently it is limited to a system which provides a maximum range of 120 miles of pleasure driving. But there is nothing to be worried about, because a new system is coming that promises maximum range of 210 miles between refueling.

The refueling system of Honda FCX is also very unique. Have you ever thought that you need to make your vehicle electrically grounded before refueling? I bet never. You can think it an extra burden but I can assure you will enjoy this vehicle, that much of the burdens will be eliminated from your mind.

The Honda FCX has brought a unique experience of driving. Just imagine a vehicle which is getting started with making absolutely no sounds. With brand-new noise- suppression technologies, the particular Ford FCX is one of the quietest autos to drive.

While driving, a person find out merely a small rumble from the fuel cell’s compressor along with the brakes’ cleaner pump motor, place together on velocity with a jet-taking-off complain. A
Switch the key and a “system check” message shows up on the dashboard present, adopted (in all 5 to 8 seconds) with a “ready to drive” message.
The acceleration system is also revolutionary and it has a sonic noise when pressing the gas paddle, power seem unlimited and it is so exciting – it feels like being in a jet plane while driving a car!

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