HHO Diagrams for Cars

Here is a collection of some HHO Diagrams for your car.
I have stumbled upon many papers trying to describe in general the way how to install the HHO kit.

The basic principal to describe HHO Dry Cell is to just follow this logic:

1. Your car engine works on a mixture of Air + Fuel.
2. This Air + Fuel mix is ignited by a spark – creating an explosion.
3. The power of these explosions rotate the engine.
4. The Power of the explosion is determined by the mixture of Air + Fuel.
5. HHO Kit enrich the “Air” with Hydrogen (as you can see in the diagram) – that is explosive by itself!
6. Mixing Hydrogen + Fuel gives you a greater explosion.
7. This is why you can use LESS Fuel – because you have hydrogen that compensate for it.

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Dry-Cell Diagram

HHO Diagram for Cars

Want To Build Your Own HHO Car Kit?Click Here! ►

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