Future Investing in HHO

With Toyota’s announcement of making more 6,000 of its hydrogen fuel cell patent technologies available to anyone who is interested, there has been a dramatic shift in the interest and future of hydrogen fuel cell cars. Perhaps the most important interest in this event has come from the investment community.

Biofuels pumps (B20 and E85), Pentagon, Arlington, VA (US)

Respectable investment periodicals have begun to make recommendations, serious ones, for investing in the future of companies that make hydrogen fuel cells. But for the optimist there will be a need for the hydrogen itself to be transported and stored, two necessary links in the hydrogen fuel supply chain. Smaller companies who currently supply gasoline to smaller towns could reap future benefits by beginning to plan, and construct, hydrogen gas storage facilities to supply the future market of fuel cell cars.

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Current HHO enthusiasts may be more than a bit dismayed seeing that a major company has kicked the door wide open for HHO technology to take hold and potentially create an entirely new automobile and alternative fuel market. But what needs to be realized by the devotees of HHO who worked and were frustrated by the lack of acceptance of their ideas, now have a fantastic opportunity to take their knowledge and turn it into a money making business. Many HHO supporters are far ahead of the curve when it comes to the knowledge of HHO technology.

Beyond combining their current knowledge with the research and development of Toyota’s engineers, long time HHO practitioners can begin to establish partnerships with established businesses to develop, market, and collaborate their ideas and products. A company does not have to spend time and resources taking advantage of Toyota’s openness when there are a number of people well-versed in the area of hydrogen fuel cells and their potential.

At one time, the future of HHO was almost non-existent. Today, it has the potential to become the future of the world economically and environmentally. It is time for all the hard work put in by HHO advocates to be converted into cash. It is not the end of an idea, but the potential beginning of a new way of life for people around the world.

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