Ford Falcon From Australia Runs On Water

Commercial gas prices setting record every week.
The search for an alternative is now very serious.
Auto makers like BMW and others are well into development of hydrogen and electric cars.
But at this stage, they are too expensive and out of reach for most of us which is why Daniel and Jack Oliver decided to find their own solution.

For a few hundred dollars and some hard work, the brothers have managed to get an old Ford Falcon to run on water.
This old Falcon could be the automobile of the future. It runs partially on water. They research over the internet and it did take a bit of time, but the actual making of the HHO Car Kit and putting it on, was really quite simple.

A 2 recently mechanics Daniel Oliver and his younger brother Jack used their skills at the local lawn mower repair business in the regional town of Portland. But the relentless rises in the cost of petrol got the boys and their dad thinking.

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The research originally came from our father, Darren. He was looking it up on the internet because he is an in-state truck driver, and he wanted to have a device that will save on gas in his truck, because the price of fuel is so high at the moment…

The family hit upon a plan to convert their gas-guzzler into a hydrogen hybrid. For a few hundred dollars worth of parts, they were away.

In the earlier stages of conversion, there were a few problems:
We had a bit of an incident in the shed where we lit it on fire and blew it up.

Luckily, the boys survived, and by learning from their mistakes, they have now created a real petrol-hydrogen hybrid. The hydrogen comes from ordinary tap water.
While electricity is passed through the water, hydrogen gas comes out. When that mixes with the petrol, it helps it burn a lot more efficiently. So, you end up using less petrol.

Ford Falcon Australia Runs on Water

We have 2 hydrogen converters here which takes the gas, which is hydrogen, out of the water. Brings it up this tube here, comes into the side which is called a bubbler. Brings it down to this tube here, and simply push it in to the in-light main valve, just before it converts it there.

Q&A on the the HHO Kit

And then mix this with the petrol, does it?
Yeah, it does. It brings the actual fuel. Usually, it fuels about 70% but actually brings it up the burn capacity all around 80-90%.

So getting more out of the fuel that you‘ve already used in?
Yeah, it is. Simple as that.

Hydrogen is pretty volatile. Is it safe?
Yeah, it’s extremely safe. That’s why we have the actual safety there, the bubbler, just in case there is a—a backfire, a bit of a flash back. It will start going into the water.

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How much water does it consume?
On an average week, Daniel can go through 1 or 2 liters of water and a lot less petrol.

How much do you save on gas?
I’m saving around 20% on the fuel bill. So if you’re spending a hundred dollars a week on fuel, going in a bit of traveling, saving yourself $20 a week, at the end of the month you save around $100.

But what is fuel consumption like on longer trips?
Well, to find out, we filled up Daniel’s tanks to the top and ask them to make a 100-kilometer roundtrip in his hybrid. For comparison, he took a made-along in a similar-modeled car that hasn’t been converted also with a full tank of fuel.

The results of that test, in a moment. But first, on the boys onto something. Well, we asked Professor Harry Watson from the University of Melbourne what the Hydrogen offers and its real hope.

Professor Harry Watson: It certainly is the way forward because it allows you to drive without producing any carbon and, therefore, greenhouse gasses.

Back to that test and after a 100 Kilometer (65 miles) , the hydrogen hybrid had used 5.32 liters of petrol at the cost of $7.97. His made, on the other hand, had burned through almost four times as much fuel.
Daniel and Jack say the goal is to create a way for the Engine to run solely on hydrogen. They acknowledge it’s in its early days but the results have been encouraging.

It’s actually better for your pocket and it’s better for the environment so there’s no need that everyone shouldn’t grab it on.

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