Apple Jumps Into the Alternative Fuel Fray

Apple Computer has thrown its chip into the pot on the future of alternative fuel cars by announcing it is seeking to manufacture cars that run on hydrogen fuel cells.


Competition for Google

Apple is a surprise entrant in the alternative vehicle fuel competition, once thought to be dominated by Google and several other major auto manufacturers. One of the most important reasons this announcement is important is because Apple has the money and the social influence to produce a vehicle that will become the de facto standard for the automobile industry. Like Apple’s computers, tablets, and smartphone line, they do not have to be on everyone’s shelf, but the company will make megabucks from the sales. If you think Apple has money to burn now, wait to see what happens if Apple is able to develop an entry level vehicle that is wowed by consumers.

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The End of Gasoline as a Major Fuel Source

One unique aspect of Apple’s approach is that it will use hydrogen fuel cells as its energy source. Current opinion has HHO fuel as both an inefficient and safety-challenged source for the consumer when compared to electric power. But when you pursue one line of reasoning – electric power – then you will get the result you expected regardless if there are better ways to do something. Apple has never been afraid of doing something different and innovative. In any event, it seems it is the beginning of the end for carbon based fuel sources as a means to power the transportation of everyday people.

The X Factor

Ever since Steve Jobs returned and resurrected Apple from the ashes, the company has consistently developed new products that have been technology game changers. More than a few critics said the iPhone and iPad were gadgets instead of functional and practical tools for the average consumer. Any new car that is developed by Apple will be certain to incorporate some of their existing computer technology, while making popular innovations to driving as we know it today.

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