A Lexus Hydrogen Powered Car

The rumor is that car maker Lexus is in the process of developing a hydrogen powered car. Formally known as FCEVs (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) Lexus joins Toyota as one of two manufacturers willing to move forward with alternative fuel vehicles.


Fad or Future Innovation

The question to be answered is why these two fairly different car companies – one that produces a luxury car and the other a moderately priced car – have decided to venture into uncharted waters. The recent crash in oil prices has gutted the price of gasoline. Saudi Arabia does not seem likely to reduce its oil production any time soon, so the world oil supply will remain glutted for the foreseeable future. At this point, the move by Toyota and Lexus seems misdirected.

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Remember that hydrogen powered cars require hydrogen, and even though the cars are said to get as much as 300 miles to the tank there are no hydrogen stations to fill up at. Besides being very expensive, as much as $120,000 for the Lexus model, Toyota admits it is a long term investment and does not expect to see a significant profit from its planned hydrogen fueled models for several more years.

Long Term Advantages

While critics claim that the future holds better and more cost efficient fuel sources for cars that will produce the same zero emissions standard as the FCEVs, that remains to be seen. Hydrogen is plentiful and is not subject to the fluctuations in oil prices. Though a limited number of cars are scheduled to be made, production is scheduled to be increased over the next two years. Lexus and Toyota cannot be seen as competitors here because there is expected to be plenty of demand for the consumers who want to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Between now and the time hydrogen powered cars become mainstream, the technology is available to add hydrogen fuel to your existing gasoline powered car. It may be a good way to go to discover the benefits and drawbacks of going over to be completely hydrogen powered.

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