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How Much Can You Save with HHO Gas?

Here’s the BIG PROBLEM with HHO Car-Kits Online

Unlike those online promises –
Gaining 60% extra MPG (Miles per Gallon) is not easily achievable!

Fuel saving devices are all over the Internet with big promises…
But, I kid you not, 99% of these guides are total scams.

How about the remaining 1%? – I would say that chances are, it works, but it would disappear just as quickly from the circulation, never to be seen again.

Schematic Diagram of HHO Gas Car System
This is the reason why I spent time researching on “Water for Gas” or HHO Technology.
I have stumbled upon “Do-It-Yourself” water hybrid systems that promises
affirmative outcomes and was highly encouraged by it.

There are HHO conversion plans, which are basically instructions, to show you
how to build and install an HHO Generator into your vehicle.

And if, at this point, you’re wondering what an HHO Generator is and what it does?

– It is basically a small device that uses electricity to release hydrogen based gas from water,
called HHO, which is then directed into the vehicle’s air intake system.

The “new air”, is enriched with hydrogen now – and it is highly explosive…

This enriched air can now be mixed with less fuel in order to achieve the same explosive inside the engine.
This is basically how HHO kits save fuel!

Here’s What Happened

Through the course of my research, I have come across a number of products which I took the task of testing and as expected, out of the total number of plans I have extensively tested…
Only 2 actually worked!

Yes, the rest are rip-offs and if you are not careful, you will be spending a hefty amount of money on total rubbish.

Electrical Diagram of HHO Car Kit

Now, these 2 products have literally improved my car’s mileage. One actually got me so impressed that I have recommended it to my colleagues and the feedback that I got was incredible! Imagine one of them earning a good thousand dollars by installing these kits in his shop.

So to share my analogy, please read the review and decide if my colleagues are indeed raving on the worthy product:

I must admit here that the results exceeded my expectations!

Here’s an Overview of Both Products

*and please pay attention to my conclusion at the end.

#1. Run Auto with Water

Hybrid Water Power
Let’s begin with the new and exciting ‘Run Auto with Water‘ Designed and published by Bob Volk.

The product had lived to my expectations and indeed improved my gas mileage by almost 60%…and amazingly enough, this is within the 2 weeks of installation.

From 21 MPG, my car’s gas mileage went up to 33 MPG and gave me annual savings of up to $950.

What made me appreciate ‘Run Auto with Water’ more is that it is so legit, it did not waste any space on its website promising over-the-top MPG gains as what others did.

The good feedback from Popular Science Magazine was enough advertising for the package. I must agree as I have noticed an overall increase in my vehicle’s performance specifically on torque, smoother gear shifts, better throttle response, faster acceleration, and most importantly, a reduced hydrocarbon emission.

The ‘Run Auto with Water’ System includes various HHO Gas Generator Designs, these include 18 step-by-step instructional videos and the super efficient Dry Cell Plans.

With over 20 eBooks researched by me about HHO Car Kits, it is beyond question, the most reliable HHO conversion plan in the market today. Not to mention cheap, since I only spent an estimate of $75 on parts.

The product also aims to help better the environment by including plans on how to construct other fuel-saving devices.

I must say, the product is very comprehensive and up-to-date. It is all tested and proven. And if that isn’t enough, a 60-day money back guarantee is secured just to prove that they value your business.

Here’s the link where you can further check it out, and you can see my conclusions below.

Click Here To Go to Their Website!

#2. Pacheo Generator

Pacheo HHO Generator

If, like me, you have had the experience of researching these “water-fuel” conversion guides, stumbling upon the Pacheo Generator would easily make you think that it’s another one of those systems blindly promising exaggerated outcomes.

Created by Thomas Greene, I was in awe, particularly by its compact design that can produce a considerable amount of HHO gas using minimal battery power.

In addition, the included manual is so comprehensive, that the pictures and diagram will get you building in no time.

My car had significant improvements in throttle response, torque, smoother gear shifts, lower emissions, and increased acceleration. It has a good design and had gained me an extra 9 MPG with this device.

I find it more difficult to build, though, and the parts required for this HHO generator amounted in total to $155 which is more pricey than what I have coughed out on The Pacheco Generator.

Also, the ‘Pacheo Generator’ is a little more technical to build and required trimming plexiglass.

Most importantly, I was disenchanted by the fact that ‘Pacheo Generator’ no longer offers customer support in spite of what they advertise on their website. So imagine being in a deadlock trying to put together the mechanism – Not good.

I recently also received complaints that their website is down and not working from time to time!

The ‘Pacheo Generator’ does work, but you should read my conclusion below before deciding to purchase the book and install it in your car.

The Conclusion

So, therefore, I have concluded, that though the Pacheco Generator and Run Auto With Water both works, the latter (Run Auto With Water) had given me a better, much-appreciated result.

Yes, Run Auto with Water had given me an extra 12 MPG and has provided support through eBooks and instructional videos that made the purchase worth every cent.

I strongly recommend Run Auto with Water System.
With just $75-$110 to spend, it is an investment that will secure you impressive results.

Hybrid Water Power

So that’s it. If you want to save thousands of bucks on your car gas bill, and start within the next few days,
Go ahead and…

Click Here for ‘Run Auto with Water Plans’